About Sean Downes

Sean Downes is an Insurance Consultant for a small consulting firm in Miami Beach, Florida. Sean Downes, husband and father of two children Michael and Judy live in Miami Beach, Florida. Sean Downes Wife, Nancy is a Beekeeper. Sean Downes son Michael Downes is in college and daughter Judy Downes is working her way to Assistant Manager for a National Franchise Restaurant. Sean Downes Universal goal is to start his own consulting business. Sean Downes plan is to use his 20+ years experience in the insurance industry and offer tailored comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.

Sean Downes loves taking his family on trips to Delray Beach, FL. Sean Downes spent a lot of time in his youth at Delray Beach, FL and wanted to share these experiences with his wife and children. Sean Downes Wife grew up boating with family making Delray Beach, FL a perfect Downes Family Vacation spot.

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