Sean Downes Says IP Law Services May Be Critical in Covid-19 Times

Sean Downes is a lawyer and miniature art enthusiast who has been watching the complications of legal trends during the Covid-19 epidemic. And what he sees has him very concerned – he believes that there’s a good chance that intellectual property law may be heavily broken during this time. As a result, it is essential to keep IP law matters in mind.

Why IP Law Still Matters

Intellectual property law is always a critical thing to consider, even during trying times. For example, he states that IP law is essential for publications reporting about the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies stealing copyrighted written or televised material for their publications are breaking the law and may be likely to do so because of the rush of information around this pandemic.

Unfortunately, people often take advantage of such confusing situations, Sean Downes says, to break laws that would otherwise be caught. Sean Downes says law enforcement officials are more focused on protests and inappropriate pandemic behavior, and lawyers are working hard to protect the rights of people affected by Covid-19. As a result, pirates may do what they can to steal from others.

Therefore, it is vital to take IP law seriously during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sean Downes states. Thankfully, IP lawyers are still working and ready to protect people’s rights when they need it the most. Sean Downes also outlined those who are probably the most likely to be affected by these issues during the pandemic. If you fall under these headings, he states, you should contact an IP lawyer immediately to get help.

Sean Downes
Sean Downes

Those Companies Sean Downes Says May Be in the Most Danger

Publishers of magazines, newspapers, blogs, and medical guides may be the most prone to IP theft during Covid-19, Sean Downes says. Information and data may be taken wholesale and slightly tweaked by those who are too lazy or disreputable to do the hard work themselves. Unfortunately, he states that it may also be possible for those with artwork, such as logos and symbols, to suffer from IP infractions.

However, Sean Downes believes that the medical field is likely to be the most affected during the pandemic. He states that patented treatments, vaccines, and care methods will be stolen rampantly over the next year or so. This type of industrial espionage is particularly cruel, he believes, because it plays with the lives of millions of people casually.

Sean Downes 4
Sean Downes 4

Patented medicines aren’t the only thing that may be stolen, he argues. For example, treatment machines – such as new types of respirators – may have their design ripped off and mass-produced. Even if the people doing this IP theft have good intentions, Sean Downes says that they are breaking the law and should be punished for their inappropriate and opportunistic behavior.


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