Sean Downes

Sean Downes Disputes Nutritionists Who Say Keto Diet Is Hard To Follow

November 19, 2019 –  Passionate about creating recipes for specific dietary needs, Sean Downes shares his thoughts about the keto diet. He opposes nutritionists who say living a ketogenic lifestyle is hard.

Sean Downes is an amateur chef who prepares meals with anti-inflammatory foods. He is an advocate of nutritious diets. To him, food intake must be beneficial in supporting cellular renewal and well-being.

Sean takes healthy eating very seriously. He feels it is an injustice to the keto diet when nutritionists label it as “hard to follow.” This is a sweeping generalization. 

He believes the level of success that comes from the keto diet is up to the person dieting.

Sean Downes
Sean Downes

The motivation necessary to make meals with the keto diet “approved” foods is up to the dieter. The desire to lose weight must come from within.

No one can make a person follow a plan or stick to a diet, especially if they do not want to follow it in the first place. The same applies to those who chose the Keto diet as their weight loss program. 

“It is only hard to follow the keto diet if the person trying to lose weight makes it that way,” says Sean Downes.

Sean Downes
Sean Downes

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